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Construction Process

Shortly after we reach our agreement for building your pool, a formal "swimming pool plot plan" will be drawn to meticulous detail. It will show all the details of construction as we have previously agreed upon. It usually requires about one day to complete these detailed plans.

All pertinent specifications should appear on your plan. You will receive a copy of this Final Construction Plan before Excavation is scheduled. Please inspect it thoroughly. It is usually easy to make changes in the plan before work begins. But it becomes very difficult-and costly-to introduce changes after the work has been done.

So be sure that the Plan shows exactly what you want! If something troubles you, let's talk it over immediately. Unless you tell me otherwise, your pool will be built as close to this plan as possible.

After your plans are approved, they will be taken to the Building Department for your area. They will do a formal plan check and issue the Building Permits. The time required to get these permits varies from a few hours to over a week, depending on local requirements. If your job is in a critical soil or grading area, or has a septic tank system, the Building Department (or the health Department) may require that an Inspector visit the site before they issue the permit. Naturally, this would mean some delay before we could begin construction.

When the permits are issued, they will be posted in a prominent location at the job site. Please do what you can to help protect them from the weather and vandals. But please DO NOT remove them to the inside of your home. They MUST remain outside so the various Building Inspectors can get to them easily. Your help in this will be greatly appreciated.

Step 3: Layout, Dig and Steel Pool
After we get the proper permits needed to build your pool, we accurately measure and blueprint the specified area that you have chosen. Then we dig and form the shape for your chosen design. To view a construction diagram of a basic pool and a list of what comes standard with each pool, click here.

Step 4: Reinforcement and Concrete shell
Steel rods are installed, which makes a framed reinforcement for the concrete shell of your pool. A first inspection is normally performed. Next, we apply a special concrete mixture, called Gunite, that will have less potential to crack over time than other shells.

Step 5: Plumbing, Tile, and Coping
The plumbing will be added to your pool, and the decorative tile or stone that you have chosen will be installed. The coping will also be set in place, which is the outer surface edge around your pool that will connect to your decking.

Step 6: Decking
We pour the foundation for your deck. Then we install your choice of finish, texture, or pavers. It is smart to choose a slip-resistant finish. Another inspection is usually performed to make sure everything is being built properly.

Step 7: Install a Screen Enclosure
We install a screen (optional) over your pool and decking to help keep out insects and yard debris. To view basic enclosure designs, click here.

Step 8: Interior Finish and Fill Pool
At this step, we give your pool an interior finish that is made of special aggregate. Once this is dry, we fill your pool with water to the recommended level.

Step 9: Chemicals and Maintenance Instructions
The chemicals are added to your pool. Next, our staff will instruct you on the proper way to maintain your pool so that it will provide many years of enjoyment for your family for years to come. You will also be given a pool safety guide.

Step 10: Site Clean-up and Final Inspection
In the final step, we throughly clean and remove any construction debris, and give your pool a final inspection